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Wallpaper samples; a book of samples pinned together with numbers and prices on the back. The front has the handwritten numbers '4197 / 6'. The designs consist of: + Floral sprays in red, yellow, blue, green and black with brown branches on an ecru ground, with a white netting pattern superimposed. Catalogue number 585/C, priced at 1/3d. + Floral sprays in coral, pink, blue, green and grey on a cream and silver finely striped ground. Catalogue number 1072A, priced at 1/4d. + An all-over foliage design with blue and green leaves and red and pink flowers outlined in black on a mottled ecru ground. Catalogue number 2141, priced at 9d. + Stripes of tiny red flowers with green leaves on dark ecru with lighter ecru stripes. Catalogue number 52521, priced at 8d. + Sprays of clover pink and blue flowers with grey leaves on cream. Catalogue number 4708, priced at 1/-d. + Sprays of brown leaves with red, pink, mauve and yellow flowers outlined in black on a pale ochre horizontal striped background. Catalogue number 4707, priced at 1/-d.
+ Sprays of wine and blue stylized flowers with dark grey leaves on a patterned ecru-cream ground. Catalogue number 4797, priced at 9d.
+ Spray of naturalistic wine/pink roses, mauve flowers, blue and green leaves on a grey ground. Catalogue number 3941, priced at 1/-d.
+ A tiny floral stripe featuring red, mauve and pink flowers with green leaves, alternating with ochre, cream and stone patterned stripes with black details and tiny wine/pink flowers and green leaves. Catalogue number 4467, priced at 9d.
+ Tiny floral stripes featuring red and white flowers with teal leaves on ochre and cream stripes. Catalogue number 2312, priced at 8d.
+ Stripes of wine/pink flowers and teal leaves with bands of a small trellis pattern in white and dark cream with central tiny flowers in the same colours. Catalogue number 2393, priced at 9d.
+ 'Heraldic' or renaissance style design of formalised flowers in red, pink and green on a patterned dark cream and grey background. Catalogue number 1968, priced at 8d.
+ Stripes of lavender colour with a small purple pattern, and a wider cream with white 'lace' pattern. Catalogue number 4760, priced at 8d.
+ Stripes of turquoise with a wider cream 'lace' pattern. Catalogue number 4760, priced at 8d.
+ Naturalistic floral sprays of red roses with blue and green alternating with fine red stripes on an ecru/natural ground. Catalogue number 7308, priced at 6d.
+ 'Medallion' of stylized red fruit, pink flowers and teal leaves on a cream patterned ground with ecru bands and outlines. Catalogue number 2304, priced at 4d.
+ Posies of coral/wine flowers and green leaves in reserves; ecru ground with white 'lace' patterning, reserves edged with a fine line leaf and flower meanders. Catalogue number 4590, priced at 4d.
+ An all-over pattern of small flowers in red, blue, purple and grey with green and grey foliage on finely striped grey/cream ground. Catalogue number 4196, priced at 6d.
+ An all-over pattern of small flowers in red,yellow, purple and blue with brown and blue foliage, and cream/ecru striped ground. Catalogue number 4197, priced at 6d.
Dimensions: 150 x 235mm
paper (fiber product)
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