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Wallpaper pattern book; with a blue cover with a pasted label titled 'SMITH & SMITH OIL AND COLOUR MERCHANTS WELLINGTON Christchurch, Dunedin, London. Artists in stained glass and leadlights'. Patterns appear to date to 1921-1922, from various manufacturers, with the price range 3/9 to 25/-. Some of the patterns are the same as in pattern book GH.1003 with similar prices. Various patterns are also found as examples in rolls in the collection. The samples include: 1) Purple parrot design (see GH.256), priced 8/6 2) Blue hessian, priced 10/- 3) Cross stitch style roses, 14/- 4) Wide silver/white stripe 5) As above in cream, priced 5/6 6) Black and white broken stripe, textured, priced 4/- 7) Textured outlined meandering branches and fruit, priced 13/6 8) Textured mottle paper priced 12/6 9) Black and brown ground with bright blue and pink branches and blossom, priced 18/6 10) Textured dark leaves & fruit, priced 12/6 11) Textured wide stripe in maroon and grey, with stylized floral strip, priced 10/6
12) Dark blue ground, meandering leaves, grapes and flowers, textured, priced 12/6
13) Textured all-over foliage outlined in wine on ecru, splotches of pink and dull green, priced 12/6
14) Textured paper with dark turquoise ground and teal leaves, purple/orange fruit, and trunks, priced 12/6
15) Multicoloured textured mottle, priced 12/6, 6/6, 7/-
16) Buff hessian, priced 8/6
17) Red ground with black oriental figures, flowers and scroll, priced 25/-
18) Dark blue trees against mottled ecru, priced 25/-
19) Multicolour all-over floral with black crossed lines superimposed, priced 10/6
20) Multicolour stripes with very stylized circular flowers dotted in subtle colours, priced 8/-
21) Bright yellow, orange, red and blue ball and stylized flower shapes with black, priced 6/6
22) Blue and black 'Renaissance' design on mottled ecru, priced 18/-
23) Turquoise and blue oriental design, priced 15/-
24) Green, black and orange oriental design, priced 6/-
25) Grey and pinkish oriental 16/-
26) Branches, leaves and fruit outlined in black on mottled ochre, priced 6/-
27) Soft subtle lustre irregular stripe in pink, cream, buff and green, priced 10/6
28) Diamonds in chalky blue, green, grey, lavender, buff and pink etc, priced 4/-
29) Multicolour and black stylized floral on trellis, priced 7/6
30) Mottled wide yellow stripes, priced 5/-
31) Stained glass floral in dull colours, priced 4/-
32) All-over floral in yellow, blue and brown with superimposed mottle, priced 12/6
33) As above with orange ground
34) All-over floral, superimposed fine shapes, priced 8/6
35) Brown oak leaves and acorns, outlined and with very fine horizontal stripe, blue ground, priced 9/-
36) Shadowed florals, priced 7/6, 8/6, 6/6 and 3/9
37) Blackish tree shapes on orange, with superimposed netting - priced 9/6
38) Fruit & floral in blue and pink on greige, priced 8/-
39) Bird and blossom design priced 8/6
40) Bright blue and wine stained glass all-over floral including tulip, iris, priced 5/
41) As above in green, priced 6/-
42) Allover shaded grey leaves, crimson berries on white, priced 3/-
43) English paper with registration number 686487, priced 10/6
44) As above with number 686656, priced 8/6 (dated to 1921/2).
Dimensions: 550 x 380mm
paper (fiber product)
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