Wallpaper pattern book

Maker and role
John Line (estab. Circa 1880): Attributed to
Circa 1930
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Wallpaper pattern book; a book with a brown cover on which is a grid with packaging notes, and with a pencilled note reading 'John Lines' and '1930'. The verified dates for patterns are 1921 and 1929/30, with a price range of 2/6 to 6/-. Patterns include: + A smudgy ‘floral’ mottle in peach, pale blue, cream and dull green, priced 6/-. + Similar designs priced 6/-, 6/-4/6 and 5/- + All-over grey and white/beige patterned leaves, pale pink berries with a white mottle superimposed (dated 1930), priced 2/6 + Brown all-over leaf pattern with ochre, mauve and green on white, priced 4/-. The same appears in greys, yellow, blue and silver ground, priced 4/6; these could be a large trellis pattern + Multicoloured leaves with berries on a widely spaced, black trellis (dated 1929/30), priced 4/6 + Grey leaves and pink berries outlined in red, priced 2/6, with the same in grey and yellow, and grey and blue – shadowy all-over grey and white leaves with pale blue berries (dated 1929/30) + Silver on white butterfly (dated 1921), priced 2/6
+ Textured pale mottle, priced 5/9
+ Smudged mottle in mushrooms and cream with occasional splashes of soft green and yellow, priced 4/9
+ Grey leaf, pink berry, blue on white, priced 2/6
+ All-over foliage in various colours (dated 1929/30), priced 2/9
+ All-over brown and beige leaves, flowers, cream and slate, priced 4/6.
Circa 1930
Dimensions: 240 x 205 x 50mm
paper (fiber product)
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