Wallpaper pattern book

Circa 1925
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Wallpaper pattern book; with a brown paper cover with a red spine. Pencilled on the inside is a note reading 'H & J Quote No. of pattern & rack'. The price range of the patterns is 1/6 to 2/6. The samples date to circa 1925. They include: 1) A textured fruit design in orange and purple with brown and dull green leaves, peach blossom, on a beige ground, priced at 2/6d 2) A similar pattern in different colourway, with foliage and flowers 3) Black and coloured oriental scenes scattered on an orange ground, priced at 2/6 4) A similar pattern on a dark blue ground, priced at 2/3 5) 'Textile' mottle in pastel priced at 2/6 6) Mottle design grey, blue and pink with a border of pink and yellow stylized flowers with black and grey bands, priced at 3d per yard 7) Pastel horizontal mottles, priced at 2/3 8) Sprays of beige and blue stylized wisteria, black leaves, lanterns on mottled grey, priced at 2/3 9) Stylized roses, grey leaves, blue blossom, and pagodas on black, priced at 2/- 10) All-over leaves with serrated outlines in beige and blue with ochre flowers on black, priced 2/-
11) A similar design to the above in blue, pink, white and beige
12) All-over leaves in brown, blue, with stylized flowers in ochre and wine, priced at 2/3
13) A similar design in blues, pink and white, priced at 1/9
14) A similar design in blue, pale sea green, grey pink and yellow with a superimposed white mottle, priced 2/-
15) Brown leaves with fern detail, blue and yellow on mottled cream, priced 2/-
16) All-over stone coloured leaves, and pink, blue, and mauve on black, priced 2/-
17) Grey leaves, and pink, blue, yellow on dotted cream, priced 2/-
18) All-over beige leaves, with pink, mauve, blue flowers and pomegranates all outlined in brown on cream, priced 1/6
19) Roses and other flowers. in pink, mauve, blue and buff, outlined in grey on cream with a superimposed white mottle, priced 1/6
20) Sprays of flowers in blue, pink and buff outlined in brown on cream, priced 1/6
21) All-over stone leaves, blue leaves and wine fruit, priced 1/9
22) Dark mottle, priced 2/- with a border of pink / red roses and blue and green on an ecru patterned border, priced 1d
23) A similar design to the above in grey, cream, mauve and blue with the same border on a cream ground with patterned edges in greys
24) A similar mottle design in in grey, blue and mauve with a cut-out stylized floral border in pink, blue, mauve outlined with black with a black top, priced 2d
25) All-over foliage with leaves in grey, blue, green and brown, and fruit in pink, orange and yellow, outlined in brown, all on a black background with superimposed dots, priced 2/-
26) As above in in beige, blue and pink, outlined on cream, and grey, blue, buff, pink and mauve, outlined in grey on cream with matching slightly cut-out floral border in pink, blue and beige, outlined with a grey band, priced 2d.
Circa 1925
Dimensions: 510 x 355mm
paper (fiber product)
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