Wallpaper pattern book

Circa 1932
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Wallpaper pattern book; with a grey-green paper cover. Written on the cover is ‘c1932’, although the patterns are possibly earlier than this in date. Pencilled inside is 'H & J. order both rack and pattern No.' The price range is from 1/6 to 6/6, with borders ranging from 3d to 1/- per yard. Patterns include: 1) A cut-out corner in blue, green and yellow, outlined with black, each priced at 5/- 2) A cut-out border, with purple horizontal stems and brown leaves on mottled beige, outlined in black, priced at 9d 3) Wide border with mottle middles and geometric bands each side, priced 1/- and 1/6 4) Narrow geometric borders, priced 3d to 6d, Art Nouveau, priced 7d 5) Glossy ‘tile’ pattern in blue on cream, priced 5/6 6) A similar paper with blue lozenges and grey mottled cream, also priced at 5/6 7) Ochre and mauve lozenges and brown on mottled cream, priced 6/- 8) Silver sprays of fruit and blossom on white, priced 2/6 9) Silver and blue geometric design on the palest grey, priced at 2/9
10) Design with silver ‘daisy’ on white, priced 2/3
11) Smudged, pebbly and checked mottles (priced 2/3, 2/6 and 3/4)
12) ‘Textile’ designs, priced 2/6, 3/6, 4/6 and 6/6
13) Textured pebbly designs, priced 4/- and 5/6
14) Pebble design priced at 4/-
15) Horizontal textile designs priced at 2/6 and 3/6. The colours of these papers are cream, ochres, grey, grey-blues, multi-coloured, pink, blue, mauve etc, with neutrals
16) A plain off-white textured pattern, priced at 5/6
17) A shadowy texture flower, leaf and fruit pattern in cream on pale grey, priced 4/-
18) Textured all-over cream leaves and buff berries with blossom, outlined in grey on pale blue, priced 3/-
19) As above in cream and pink, outlined in brown on yellow, priced 3/3
20) Stylized blossom in green and pink with blue on grey, mottled and textured, priced at 3/6
21) A pattern with all-over flowers in smudgy pinks, mauve etc with a superimposed white texture, priced at 3/6
22) All-over chalky floral and fruit in palest greens, blue, lavender and pink on a cream lustre
23) All-over soft floral in pink, blue, grey and mauve on off-white, textured, priced 3/-
24) Vertical sprays of leaves in brown and teal with flowers and fruit in deep clover pink and buff on mottled beiges, textured, priced 3/-
25) Brown and teal leaves with flowers in peach, purple, green, red and yellow on mottled beiges, textured, priced 3/-
26) Brown and green narrow leaves, mauve and buff flowers and berries outlined in brown on beige, textured, priced 3/-
27) As above in brown, teal and green with mauve, red and buff outlined in grey, textured, priced 3/-
28) Creamy peonies and purples wisteria, green and blue leaves, yellow and red lanterns on orange, priced at 3/3
29) A pattern of all-over leaves in browns, green, red / yellow berries on orange, priced at 2/9
30) A similar pattern with berries in orange and yellow on cream, priced 2/6
31) White and black blossom, trees, pagodas with touches of green on stone grey, priced at 2/
32) All-over maple leaf pattern in stone and blue in wine red squared berries in purple, orange and green on cream, priced 2/6
33) All-over chalky grey leaves, lavender, buff and lilac pink fruit outlined in grey on cream, priced 2/-
34) A pattern with buildings, blossom and leaves in black, brown and blues on cream, priced 2/3
35) Lanterns, pagodas in black and colour on dark blue, priced at 2/6
36) Leaves in greys, berries in blue and wine on black, priced at 2/6
37) As above in browns and black with yellow and orange on stone grey
38) All-over leaves in grey and blue with mauve, buff and clover pink flowers outlined in brown with a superimposed beige mottle, priced 2/6
39) All-over leaves and occasional berries in cream, brown, yellow and turquoise, outlined in brown on grey with a superimposed grey mottle, priced 2/-
40) A pattern of all-over grey leaves, blue and orange berries outlined in black on cream, priced at 1/9
41) Grey leaves, pink, buff and blue fruit on buff with a superimposed white dotted or textile effect, priced at 1/6 (also found in pattern book GH.1007).
Circa 1932
Dimensions: 430 x 255 x 20mm
paper (fiber product)
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