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Wallpaper pattern book; with a red cover. Pencilled on the cover is 'c1930'; the book and patterns are probably 1927-1930. The only verified date is 1927. Prices range from 1/9 to 16/-. The book contains a number of borders with their papers, for example: 1) A bright cut-out frieze outlined with brown, with base and drop, priced 2/6 per yard 2) As above in brown with pink and yellow fruit, lustre, which has a long drop with no base, priced at 2/6 per yard, including drops 3) Bright narrow borders – orange, brown, black etc - priced at 3d and 4d with a cut-out priced at 9d 4) Heavily textured papers, including ‘Renaissance’ or ‘Jacobean’ style designs in silver on blue or orange, priced at 14/- 5) A heavy pink and mauve all-over floral design with lustre, priced at 12/6 6) Heavy textured mottles, and heavy off-white lustre self pattern (in a net curtain style), priced at 14/- 7) Cream-buff lustre shadow floral self pattern, priced at 11/6, with a cut-out border priced at 1/3 8) Textured silver stripe, priced 9/- with a border of pink/blue birds on black and brown, cut-out, priced at 1/3
9) A textured pink lustre, also in blue or buff, priced at 8/- with a soft mauve, yellow and brown cut-out priced at 1/3
10) Plain textured yellow or cream priced at 8/6
11) Yellow hessian priced at 6/- with cut-out of yellow, orange and black etc priced at 1/3
12) Gilt/brown ‘textile’ priced at 4/- with cut-out fruit in deep colours, black and gilt, priced at 2/3
13) All-over floral asters in yellow, orange, terracotta and blue, priced at 4/6
14) All-over nasturtiums in orange and brown, priced at 3/6, with subtle all-over shadow foliage in beige, pink and buff, priced at 6/6, with a more defined border of leaves and flowers in yellow, peach and pale green, priced at 5d
15) Pastels and brights, dark and light, mottles and plains, foliage, Orientals, chalky florals, glossy tile papers, all priced either 7/6 or 8/6
16) Glossy ceiling papers, silver on a white floral, priced 2/6 and a plain white, also priced 2/6
17) Silver diaper pattern priced 2/3 with a pastel fruit cut-out border priced at 8d
18) Pastel striped mottle types are priced 3/6, with pretty pastel borders priced at 4d, 5d and 8d
19) Wide stripes in various plain browns, priced at 4/6, with a geometric border in brown, black, mustard, terracotta and teal, priced at 4d
20) Smudged mottles, priced 5/- and 3/6, with bright borders priced at 3d, 4d and 1/6, including drops
21) Borders with a cream mottle centre and patterned bands priced at 8d per yard
22) Borders ranging from chequerboard (two rows) in black and beige, to fruit, flowers – both stylized and naturalistic, priced at 4d
23) Border priced 2d featuring very stylized, narrow, pattern in brown with green, purple, yellow, red and blue splotched pattern.
24) Plain paper, priced at 1/3 and 9d, possibly for lining
25) Little floral stripes priced at 1/- and 1/3
26) and a foliage pattern for 1/9
27) All-over daisies on stems, purple, pink and green on navy, or pink, blue, yellow and grey on white, priced at 2/3
28) An Art Nouveau rose border in pink, blue, black and grey is priced at 3d.
Dimensions: 380 x 355 x 40mm
paper (fiber product)
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