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Wallpaper pattern book; with a wood grain cover, and with the pencilled date 'c1930'. It also has a crown emblem pencilled inside, and papers torn out. The verified dates are between 1928-9. The price range for wallpapers is from 1/- to 12/-, with borders ranging from 3d to 2/6. Papers include: + A heavy vertical stripe in a brown mottle with pink and green, priced at 12/-, with a cut-out border edged in black, read, brown and blue + Plain textured papers – light olive, orange, red and salmon - priced from 5/6 to 7/6 + Paper in greyish colour with cream, pink and blue priced at 7/6, with a cut-out in silver, grey, blue, green, pale red and mauve priced at 9d + Purple leaf sprays and lanterns on grey, priced at 6/- + All-over subtle leaves in pale beige, priced at 7/9, with similar paper in browns, blue and orange, priced at 9/- + Cream/beige mottle priced at 6/6 with a cut-out and drop in brown, ochre, orange, blue and green, priced at 2/6 with drop + Purple all-over leaf and flower at 7/-
+ Cream and grey mottle priced at 6/6, with wider border in cream and brown bands, brown outlined flowers in pale green, pink and blue, priced at 6d
+ Scenic paper with brown palms and cream/white rocks and flamingos priced at 5/6
+ Mottled silver, grey, blue paper priced at 6/- with a matching border edged with slight cut-out leaves and flowers in grey, green, red, yellow, purple and blue priced at 1/6. Similar paper appears in deep cream with yellow and brown. + Vertical geometric smudged mottle in pink, cream, lustre green and beige, priced at 4/6
+ Beige textile and brown/bright border, priced at 3d
+ All-over leaves in blue and green is priced at 7/3, with similar pattern of all-over leaves in purple, orange, wine and brown, priced at 7/9
+ Soft blue-cream mottle, priced at 6/6 with a naturalistic cut-out flower border edged with grey and cream lustre, blue and cream yellow roses and black, priced at 4d
+ Soft textured all-over floral with vertical emphasis in yellowish greens, peach, buff, pale blue and off-white, priced at 4/9 with a stylized floral border in brown, peach, green and blue on cream, priced at 5d
+ Brown smudgy floral with peach and turquoise flowers, priced at 4/-, with cut-out border with brown leaves, orange, yellow, blue and pale red outlined in brown on black, brown and beige bands at the top priced at 8d. The same paper in smudgy stone with peach and turquoise, with a border of grey leaves and outlines in yellow, peach, coral and blue on black and grey bands is priced at 8d
+ Smudgy mottle in grey/browns with splashed palest peach stylized flower shapes is priced at 3/-, with a texture of fruit and leaves in wine, purple, green, outline with black and blue bands, priced at 4d. The same paper in brown with a textured border of stylized flowers with blue and green leaves, all outlined in brown with brown edges on cream, priced at 6d
+ Asters and chrysanthemums in yellow, brown, grey, blue and mauve with green leaves and stems on white, priced at 6/9
+ Mottle in creamy pastels and beiges priced at 4/6 with a 'linen' textured border of stylized flowers in browns, blue, terracotta and green leaves outlined with black and brown edges, priced at 3d. Similar mottle in a darker version is priced 4/9
+ Paper in beiges with shadowy brown leaves and green horizontal dots, priced at 5/3 with a fruit border of oranges, leaves in green ochre and purple on black, priced at 7d
+ Bright pastel squiggly mottle priced at 4/6
+ Bright pastel check mottle priced at 3/9 with a cut-out border of grey and yellow leaves, pink and yellow cherries, outlined in grey, with a grey band at the top of a cream lustre, priced at 1/-
+ Vertical grey and green leaves, with orange, red, purple and yellow stylized flowers, priced at 4/-
+ Checked mottle in browns, priced at 3/6, with border with edges and outlines in brown with orange/yellow fruit with green leaves, priced at 6d
+ Grey leaves, fruit and flowers in purple, pink, yellow and green on white, with a wavy horizontal grey/blue mottle superimposed, priced at 6/-
+ Textured floral mottle in grey/mauve priced at 4/6, with textured border of fruit in purples, dull red, greens and yellow, priced at 6d
+ Smudgy mottle in grey and cream
+ All-over leaves in grey/beiges, dull pink and mauve, priced at 4/9
+ All-over stylized floral in mauve, greens, yellows and pinks, priced at 5/-
+ Stylized sketchy Oriental design with silver branches and flowers in blue/pink on pale grey, priced at 4/-
+ Other mottles and borders including some lustre and horizontal ‘textile’ designs
+ ‘Jacobean’ embroidery style stylized floral in green, blue, purple and pink on grey ‘fabric’, priced at 4/6
+ Nasturtiums in orange and yellow with grey and blue leaves on cream, priced at 4/6
+ Stylized roses in blue and red on a brown trellis and ground, priced at 6/6
+ Black Oriental pine trees, Chinese lanterns on a cream mottle, priced at 4/9
+ Mauve floral with birds priced at 5/3
+ Chalky pastel vertical all-over floral and cream lustre priced at 4/3
+ Black outlined pagodas and Chinese figure, with flowers on grey with white, chartreuse, purple, red and green, priced at 5/6
+ Checked ‘textile’ designs, multicoloured, priced from 3/9 to 5/6
+ Brown leaves, very bright flowers in red, cobalt, green, black and a dull gilt ground, priced at 4/6
+ Fuchsia border(dated 928/9) priced at 1/-, with a mottle paper in beiges, priced at 3/9.
+ Dull all-over floral design in teal, green and mauve with superimposed pattern as if scratched in paint, priced at 4/9, with a border of very bright linked diamond shapes in shaded blue, yellow, purple and green with heavy black outlines and bands, with iridescent gilt grounds, priced 4d
+ Vertical all-over floral design including tulips in soft peach, soft green, buff, white and mauve, priced 3/3
+ Bold stripes in silver and black with narrow orange stripes with green spots, priced 4/-. The same appears in silver and gilt with purple narrow stripes and blue spots, priced 4/-
+ Cherries and leaves on a purple trellis, off-white ground, little blue and ochre birds, priced at 4/6
+ All-over grey, green and blue oak leaves, chalky yellow and pink flowers on silver, priced at 4/-
+ All-over floral design in orange, brown, yellow, red-pink and white on black; with same design in purples, grey and pink ochre, both priced at 3/6; a further design same appears in mauves, blue, grey and stone on white, priced at 3/3
+ Larger floral, all-over peonies and/or roses in red/pink, brown, blue and green on white, priced at 4/-
+ Soft chalky leaves and fruit in grey greens, pink, buff and blue on white, with superimposed irregular fine check and an outline in brown, priced at 2/9; the same design appears with an even finer ‘textile’ superimposed on white, priced at 3/0
+ Horizontals, textile tweedy mottles and borders, priced at 3/-
+ Soft sprays of flowers in pale pink, blue, lemon and green with little butterflies scattered on soft creamy watercolour smudges, priced at 3/3
+ Bright deep teal ground with purple and grey clematis, green leaves, priced at 3/6
+ Black with scattered Chinese figures and leaves in dark green, with touches of yellow, blue and red, priced at 3/9
+ Florals and tweeds are priced between 2/9 and 3/3
+ Narrow stripes in a pale stone colour priced at 3/6
+ Blue checked ‘textile’, priced at 4/-
+ All-over stylized floral in dull colours, outlined in black, priced at 3/-
+ All-over grey leaves and small red and purple asters on black, priced at 2/9
+ Grey trees and large grey and blue leaves, small pink flowers, gilt clouds with stone castles on a white ground, priced at 2/3
+ A diaper pattern in stone colours, resembling padded buttoned fabric, priced at 2/6
+ Large oranges in yellow and orange, green leaves, purple blossom on black, priced at 3/-
+ A pattern with grey/black pagodas, trees on deep blue with touches of orange, priced at 2/6
+ All-over pomegranates and other fruit, flowers in chalky very pale green, pink, blue and cream on gilt, priced at 2/3, and on white priced at 1/9
+ Scattered stylized flowers, pagodas, on grey, priced at 2/-
+ A sketchy pink blossom on a trellis with a white ground priced at 1/9
+ Grey tweed mottle, priced at 2/3
+ Floral stripes with little red flowers on cream lustre with blue ‘moiré’ stripes, priced at 2/3
+ Silver and cream stripes 9mm wide, priced at 2/-
+ Cheap florals priced at 2/- and 2/3
+ Mottles at 2/3 and 2/9
+ Pink 4cm stripes and pink lustre 5cm stripes, priced at 2/9
+ ‘Snowflakes’ on white, priced at 2/6
+ Grey ‘moiré’ stripes bordered with buff and white tiny chequer, and a cream stripe priced at 1/3
+ Mauve stripe with white pattern, buff lustre wider stripes with mauve pattern, priced at 1/6
+ Very stylized cheap floral in red, green and cream, priced at 1/3
+ Stylized dianthus and other flowers in red and blue with black little foliage and outlined lozenges, priced at 1/3
+ A shadowy orange and grey little floral stripe on cream, priced at 1/6
+ Border in three colourways: grey and white rolled ribbons with a border of grey/white balls, with blue pink or black, all priced at 3d.
Dimensions: 200 x 270 x 40mm
paper (fiber product)
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