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Wallpaper pattern book; with a beige cloth cover, pencilled in the book is 'Q Book recd 16/2/31' and in blue 'G. Battersby Petone'. The price range for wallpapers is from 2/9 to 9/6d. Papers include: + A cut-out border, leaves etc in green, blue and orange on grey, outlined in a lustre dark grey, priced at 3/3 + Oriental trees, mountains in watercolour blue, gilt and mauve on a beige mottled and textured ground, priced at 9/6 + Brown and beige leaves, deep blue leaves with the occasional pale orange flower, textured, priced at 8/3 + Buff lustre, textured, priced at 7/- + Blue-grey mottle, priced at 5/9 with a cut-out stylized fruit border outlined in grey with orange, lemon, mauve, green and deep blue, priced at 1/- + Chalky pale stylized flowers, in peach, greens, blues and yellows, outlined in pale brown on a cream lustre, priced at 5/- + Similar colours, all-over leaves, berries and honesty, priced at 4/6 + Similar colours in an all-over floral design, priced at 4/- + All-over silver and grey honesty or leaves with blue, green, mauve and grey, priced at 4/- and 4/6
+ A neutral mottle, priced at 4/- with a cut-out border and cut-out base in browns, pinky-red, blue and yellow, priced at 1/6
+ Very pale geometric design with light brown outlines, peach, pale green and beiges, priced at 4/-
+ Shadowy stylized roses and trees in pink, green, blue and yellow, outlined on a cream lustre, priced at 4/-
+ Stylized floral in cream lustre and mauves with pale grey outlines, priced at 4/-, the same appears in pink or blue.
+ A similar pattern appears in mauves, or greens, or pastels with white, all priced at 3/3
+ A ‘Monet’ water lily style in three colour ways – grey/pink and pastel blue, pink, green, yellow; cream/green and yellow, green, blue and pink; peach/greige and peach, coral, green and mauve – all very pale, priced at 3/3
+ Soft sprays of daffodils and blossom trees, priced at 3/3, in two colours – pink blossom on cream or mauve blossom on blue, all very pale.
+ Similar florals on brown grounds, but more sketchy, impressionistic and pale, priced at 2/9.
Dimensions: 510 x 355mm
paper (fiber product)
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