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Wallpaper pattern book; with 'E. Battersby 67 Jackson Street Petone' written inside. The papers appear to date to circa 1929. The price range of the patterns is from 1/9 to 13/6. It features heavily textured plain and mottled papers, and fruit patterns, especially as cut-out borders. It also features foliage, mottles, and horizontal rib textile mottles. Papers include: + Diaper ceiling pattern priced at 4/9 + Textured dark brown mottle, priced at 13/6 and a matching cut-out frieze of leaves and fruit in browns, red and blue, priced at 2/- per yard + Textured ivory lustre with faint dull pink priced at 13/-, with two cut-out borders – brown, red, blue, black, leaves and fruit priced at 1s / 2d, or in a different pattern with beige, yellow, red, blue, mauve and cream leaves and fruit priced at 2/6 with drops. This is marked 'Each roll of this decoration consists of two widths of frieze and 13 each of 3 drops. The drops are interchangeable and any desired lengths may be obtained'. The paper is hand printed. The same paper in beige is priced at 12/- with red, black and brown cut-out fruit and leaves, priced at 2/-. The same paper, in cream but not lustre, with blue, pink, peach and green, is priced at 10/9
+ Paper priced at 10/9 in pale greige with brown and peach
+ Cut-out frieze with drop in two greys, blue, green, white, purple and crimson flowers
+ Wide border with geometric bands and foliage cut-out drop in browns, blue, green and red, priced at 1/6, drops priced at 2/3 each
+ Plain mottled beige paper priced at 7/6, cut-out border and plain base in browns, black, red, mauve, ochre, green and blue, priced at 2/6, with drops priced at 6/-, a set of three; with base included in the price of the border. Marked 'Out of stock'.
+ Four pale pastel mottles, priced at 7/6 and 7/3
+ Border in brown and green, priced at 1/6, with a foliage drop in ochre, brown, wine, mauve and green, priced at 3/- each ‘corner’. One of the greyish mottles has a cut-out border of grey, pink and blue leaves and fruit, priced at 2/- per yard
+ All-over grey nasturtium leaves with some blue and green, orange and yellow flowers, black, priced at 7/6
+ All-over maple types, grey, pink, red, mauve and slate blue priced at 6/9
+ Mottled silver/grey/blue in heavy paper, priced at 5/6, with cut-out leaves in blue, black and soft red, outlined with grey, priced at 1/6 per yard
+ Beige mottles, and cut-out border and base in beige, blue, green, white, orange, yellow and purple leaves, flowers and fruit, blue bands, not priced. Noted is 'Paper out of stock, not borders'
+ Large brown leaf and flower/fruit type with mottled ground in brown, orange, dark yellow, blue and green, priced at 5/9
+ Spray mottle priced at 5/-
+ Mottles priced from 4/6 to 5/9
+ Blue ribbed textile priced at 4/6
+ Cut-out in pinky beige, beige, blue and purple flowers with gilt top; the matching wallpaper has been removed
+ Cut-out and drop in browns, green and reddish orange, priced at 2/9, with drops priced at 4/3 – a set of four, with the matching paper torn out
+ Heavy mottle in beiges, blue, peach and green with border edged with black and blue, fruit in the centre in red, buff, purple, green and browns, priced at 6d per yard
+ Cut-out and drop with purple/wine fruit, green, brown and blue leaves, black, priced at 2/9, drops priced at 4/3 for a set of four. Similar paper in very pale cream, pink, blue, priced at 4/6 with a cut-out fruit border in lavender, peach, greige and cream, outlined in brown
+ Brown mottle priced at 4/- and a narrow bright geometric border priced at 9d
+ Blossom in blue and white, numbered 738396 and priced at 3/9, also in brown
+ Rich grape, pomegranate and wisteria in orange, purple, red, cream and browns, priced at 3/6
+ Smudged mottle in neutrals, soft pink, peach and green, priced at 2/9
+ Strongly patterned dark brown and cream mottle priced at 2/-
+ All-over fruit and flowers with three colour ways, priced at 2/3, also appears in greys
+ Border with greige bands, swastika type pattern in centre in stone with sunset and rays in orange, red, blue and green, priced at 6d per yard. Intended to be with a pastel dot type mottle. The same border is also in brown and red with a fragment of a different brown finely checked paper
+ White sketchy smudged fuchsias with red, yellow and blue corollas on grey, priced at 2/-
+ Dirty olive/cream linen type, priced at 2/- with a border edged in khaki, lighter green balls, flowers in red, mauve and yellow priced at 5d. The same border appears in grey with pink, mauve and blue to be used with a blue-grey checked mottle
+ Cheap all-over floral in teal, mauve, khaki and red on brown narrowly striped ground, priced at 1/9. A fragment of the same appears in grey, with a nasturtium border, and with a cut-out with grey and black bands, red, salmon, yellow, purple and blue, priced at 8d
+ Little cut-out pastel and grey floral narrow border with no price
+ Grey leaf and pastel all-over cheap floral on white, priced at 2/- with a border of greige and stone bands and flowers in pink, green and mauve, priced at 4d.
Dimensions: 505 x 250 x 35mm
paper (fiber product)
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