Wallpaper pattern book

Circa 1938
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Wallpaper pattern book; with a green cover, dated to circa 1938. The price range of patterns is between 2/9 and 9/-. Papers include: + Cut-out leaf borders in autumn colours with brown and black, with the same design in blue and orange with brown and black, all priced at 6d + Floral border in autumn colours priced at 4d + Geometric Art Deco style design in browns, oranges and green, priced at 5d + Wide textured border in a mottled beige with bands of terracotta, brown and orange, priced at 1/- per yard + Narrow borders, geometric in autumn colours (browns, ochres, oranges, greens, or blue-pink-green-brown, blue-pink-grey or stone) priced at 3d or 4d. One of these border has nasturtiums on it + A plain lining paper priced at 3/6 + Green mottle paper, priced at 4/6, with many other textured mottles in cream and brown tones priced between 4/6 and 9/-. One in fawn has a fragment of paper, with all-over leaves in the same fawn with brown, blue, green and a note reading 'I would like these two please E. Rowse'
+ An orange, beige and green chevron design priced at 4/6. Another similar design in beiges, green and orange is priced at 4/6. Yet another in beiges, orange, rust and green is priced at 3/-\
+ A range of mottles priced between 2/3 and 3/9 all in the brown/ochre range of colours, except for one green
+ All-over stylized feathery palm fronds in browns, orange and green are priced at 3/6; the same in pale beige, cream, ochre, rust and green are priced at 3/-
+ Stylized leaf type sprays in ecru, orange, rust and green, outlined in stone on diamond shapes with wavy lines in beiges are priced at 3/-
+ All-over maple type leaves in browns, orange and green, priced at 3/-; the same design also in pale cream, fawn, pink, blue and green. + All-over leaves in ochre yellows, cream, green and silver priced at 3/-
+ All-over leaves in beiges, blue and touches of pink outlined with light brown on cream, with a superimposed white mottle priced at 2/9
+ All-over florals in yellow, or pink-blue-white-brown, including daisies, both priced at 3/6 (also seen in pattern book GH.1018), priced at 2/6
+ All-over daisy pattern in yellow, white, green and brown, priced 2/9, with the design same in pink, blue, white and brown, numbered 833667, dated circa1938
+ Pale pinks, blue and fawn design with patterned semicircles, stylized leaves, priced at 2/3
+ Cream paper with stylised small flowers in orange, green and beige with beige dots. priced at 2/3
+ Paper with orange flowers and green leaves on a patterned cream ground, priced at 2/-.
Circa 1938
Dimensions: 210 x 250 x 20mm
paper (fiber product)
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